Grom Raspberry Sorbet

Grom Raspberry Sorbet
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Brand: Grom
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Grom was born in 2003 from two friends who had the dream of making the greatest gelato by sourcing the best ingredients. “Il gelato come una volta” - A gelato made as it used to be. At Grom, we aspire to recreate the authenticity of Italian gelato. All of our products are created in Italy with ingredients from natural origin. Our Sorbetto al Lampone contains 50% raspberries from our farm in Piedmont- made traditionally the Italian way. Our philosophy in creating this raspberry sorbet was to retain the authentic taste of the finest ingredients. All of our sorbets do not contain flavourings, preservatives, colours or emulsifiers. We rely on our quality ingredients to deliver the best flavour in our sorbet. We keep the raspberry seeds in our refreshing Lampone Sorbet to give a delightfully unique texture that really emphasizes the fruit! Grown respecting the environment and its sustainability, our red raspberry cultivars - Heritage, Tulameen and Rossana - making this frozen sweet treat the perfect balance of tang and sweetness. We believe the best process and highest quality ingredients result in the finest tasting sorbet, which is why we make our sorbets with water from Sparea Springs in the Piedmontese Alps. This water is ideal for accompanying the raspberries from our farm. As well as delicious, our Lampone Sorbet is also vegan and gluten-free. Why not try our other delicious Italian sorbet flavours? Including Limone, Mango, or Fragola sorbet. To learn more about GROM and our products, please visit our Instagram page @gromgelato_uk.Grom Sorbetto al Lampone is a refreshing, delicious raspberry sorbet, Our Grom Italian sorbet is made with ingredients from natural origin, This frozen dessert is made with 50% raspberries, All of our delicious Grom sorbets are dairy-free, This frozen dessert is free from gluten, colourings, flavourings and artificial emulsifiers, Grom Sorbetto al Lampone is made in Italy