Grom Vanilla Gelato Ice Cream

Grom Vanilla Gelato Ice Cream
Categories: Dairy, Cream, Milk
Brand: Grom
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Grom was founded in 2003 by two friends who had the dream of making the greatest gelato by sourcing the best ingredients. “Il gelato come una volta” - a gelato made as it used to be. At Grom, we aspire to recreate the authenticity of Italian gelato. All of our products are crafted in Italy with ingredients of natural origin without the use of colourings, flavourings or artificial emulsifiers. Vanilla is a classic flavour in ice cream and gelato, with its creation stemming back as far as the 1780s. We wanted our vanilla gelato to stand out with its indulgent texture and taste. That’s why it is made with vanilla from Madagascar, fresh whole milk, eggs and white cane sugar. We rely on our quality ingredients to give you the best gelato. Using only the finest milk from cows raised in Piedmont, we make sure to gently treat our ingredients and churn our gelato to retain its rich taste. Our creamy whole milk is infused with vanilla beans to ensure that the most aromatic and natural flavours of the vanilla run throughout. As well as being delicious, our vanilla gelato ice cream is also gluten-free. Why not try our other indulgent Italian gelato flavours such as Cioccolato, Pistacchio, or Caffe gelato?Grom Gelato alla Vaniglia is a creamy, indulgent vanilla ice cream, This luxury ice cream is made with ingredients of natural origin, Grom Gelato alla Vaniglia contains fresh whole milk and Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, This Italian ice cream is free from gluten, colouring, flavouring, and artificial emulsifiers, Our vanilla gelato ice cream is made with love in Italy, We use only the finest ingredients from Italy and the world, making real gelato available outside a gelateria