Hackney Gelato Pistachio, Almond & Lemon Gelato

Hackney Gelato Pistachio, Almond & Lemon Gelato
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Brand: Hackney+Gelato
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Ciao. We are chefs who grew up in Italy and we’re proud to do things properly.Carefully crafted, slow churned gelato and sorbetto. Worthy of the finest restaurants and living rooms in the land.This recipe is made from Bronte pistachios and toasted almonds with a hint of lemon. It’s light, refreshing and smoother than a Sicilian moustache.Buon appetito, Sam & EnricoGreat taste 2018, Made with Fresh Milk & Cream, Carefully Crafted, Slow Churned, Small BatchLet us know what you think @hackneygelatoFind us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter