Heartsease Farm Sparkling Ginger Beer

Heartsease Farm Sparkling Ginger Beer
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Heartsease has been our family farm since 1903. We love great flavours and using our own spring water, we have blended this Fiery Ginger Beer for you! I hope you enjoy it!William WatkinsHeartsease Farm has been farmed by five generations of our family, since 1903. The warmth of ginger meets the king of sun-kissed Sicilian lemons in this fiery ginger beer. Made with 100% natural ingredients and Radnorshire spring water, it goes perfectly with spiced rum and lime for a charismatic cocktail. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.William WatkinsRadnor Hills is based in Radnorshire right on the borders of Mid Wales. This has been the Watkins’s family farm for over 5 generations. Back in 1985 it was discovered that the water supply to the farm was pure welsh spring water, and so Radnor Hills was born. Since then we have expanded our site and our capabilities to glass, can, Plastic and Tetra Pak. But the thing that hasn’t changed is that we bottle at source on one site. Our company vision is that we want to produce products for everyone everywhere. For us our environment, our people and products are the most important thing.Made on our farm in Radnorshire, All natural ingredients, Preservative free, Made with real fruit juices, Lightly pasteurised to preserve quality, Suitable for vegetariansFollow us on @heartsease_farm for more information on our products & Farm