Helen's Gluten Free Scone Mix

Helen's Gluten Free Scone Mix
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A Message from Helen…“There is nothing like soft, delicious, warm scones with cream and jam and a pot of steaming hot tea. Now you can have scones without wheat and gluten and make more of life’s special moments.“Helen’sWhen was the Last time you sat in a big tree, and felt its amazing strength?!At Helen’s we love nature and simple pleasures like sitting in trees, being close to nature and eating home baked scones. This scone mix makes light delicious gluten free scones in minutes. Great to bring with you when are out and about or to pack in the children’s lunchboxes.Have you tried our Crumble and Cupcake mixes?Gluten and yeast free, Ready to bake in 2 minutes, Add egg, milk & oilFor recipes and more information visit my website: www.foodbyhelen.comCome and join us on our nature days: www.welovenature.ie