Holy Cow! Delhi Tikka Masala Curry Sauce

Holy Cow! Delhi Tikka Masala Curry Sauce
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A sumptuous Delhi style curry sauce, spiced with roasted cumin and fenugreek.Perfect with Vegetables, Chicken or Meat.For every pack you buy, we sponsor a free school meal in India!For Best Results, cook your protein or meat, add our sauce and cook on a low heat for 20 minutes with a lid on. Finally add 2 tbsp of water, stir and serve. To make our curry milder in spice, add Greek yoghurt or cream to taste. A Bite Sized Guide to DelhiIndia’s capital city Delhi is the home of Punjabis*, bling and opulence. It’s hardly surprising that the Mother Dish of all Chicken Tikka Masalas, the Butter Chicken was invented here in this city of fast living and lavish life styles. We’ve lovingly taken the British classic Chicken Tikka back to it’s Delhi Butter Chicken origins, so you can recreate this sumptuous dish easily at home. *Punjabis - inhabitants originally from the North Indian state of Punjab.Holy Cow! produces award winning curry sauces and table sauces. We lovingly slow cook our sauces using the same methods and techniques that we use at home, so our sauces have layers of flavour (and a kick of heat!). Create a Delhi Chicken Tikka Masala curry in minutes…Home cooked curry made easy, Chilli rating - mild heat -1, Gluten Free, Plant Based, Curry with Love, No Added Sugar, Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, Suitable for VegansHoly Cow! tries to earn the halo on our logo by giving back as much as we can. That’s why we sponsor free school meals in India, so for every pack of curry sauce sold, we sponsor a free school meal!A school meal is something that most of us take for granted for our children. But for India’s urban poor, a regular free school meal means they are more likely to be enrolled in school, rather than the alternative to be sent to work. A free school meal also means that children are then more likely to stay in school, receive a nutritious meal, receive an education, and have better job prospects at the end of it. Case studies have shown than not only does the child benefit greatly, but their families can be pulled out of the poverty cycle in the long run. Win win!So every pack you buy, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that a free school meal will have lasting impact on the lives of India’s urban poor.What does a free school mean?Increased enrolment and educationIncreased nourishmentBetter job prospectsLong term exit from povertyWe’ve already sponsored more than 500,000 meals!Learn more about our meal sponsor scheme at: holycowsauces.co.uk/givingback