Hotel Chocolat Dark Chocolate Collection Selector

Hotel Chocolat Dark Chocolate Collection Selector
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Hotel Chocolat’s dark chocolates start at 70% cocoa and go up in steps to 100%. Here, three of their finest high-cocoa recipes live for your attention: indulge in your darkest chocolate fantasies with the Dark Chocolate Truffles Selector. Hotel Chocolat’s Gianduja Bombes are filled with the silkiest, smoothest dark hazelnut praline, which melts in the mouth like butter. Not one to stick to the ordinary, the Gianduja Bombes are made with 58% hazelnut, even though the Gianduja guidelines state it should contain around 40%. The Simple Dark Truffle fuses surprisingly mellow 85% dark chocolate with real whipped cream for an elegant dark ganache. Hotel Chocolat opted to use Ghanian cocoa beans - their naturally mellow flavour lets all the nuanced notes of the cocoa bean shine through. Finally, for Hotel Chocolat’s Dark Rum Truffles they used a generous glug of Saint Lucian golden rum, made up the road from the Rabot Estate cocoa plantation and boasting notes of raisins, tobacco and spice. An Academy of Chocolate award winner, this tipsy truffle is for adults-only, perfect for serving at the end of a dinner party alongside your favourite neat drink.Devastatingly divine, the Dark Chocolate Truffles Selector can be mixed and matched with Hotel Chocolat’s other selectors for a full-bodied chocolate tasting experience.