Isle of Wight Organic Heritage Selection

Isle of Wight Organic Heritage Selection
Categories: Dairy, Yoghurts
Brand: The+Tomato+Stall
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These tomatoes have been grown in the rich and fertile Arreton Valley, nestled in the heart of the Isle of Wight, for over 30 years. The sheltered conditions in the valley make it the perfect environment for growing tomatoes. Add to this the above average sunshine levels on the Isle of Wight and you have the perfect recipe for great tasting fruit. We¿re passionate about our planet, so we¿re proud to do our bit to help the environment. That¿s why we compost all our plant waste to enrich the soil for our organic crops. Working this way means we can fine-tune the nutrient requirements for each plant, reducing the fertilizer levels and improving the soil fertility ¿ giving you an even tastier tomato, whilst our team of hard-working bumbles pollinate our plants and help encourage the perfect balance of predators to pests, keeping our plants healthy and happy. Our Organic Heritage tomatoes are the ideal selection for any showstopping, tomato-based dish. Discover a range of flavours and varieties that change seasonally, all delivering a unique flavour profile. Fruity flavours can be found in our pink plum or rich, earthy, sweetness from Kumato. Perfect for a delicious tomato salad, salsa or curry where tomatoes are the star of the dish. Organic, Isle of Wight tomatoes