J2O Glitterberry

J2O Glitterberry
Categories: Dairy, Yoghurts
Brand: J2O
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A festive blend of grape, cherry and winter spices infused with edible gold glitter for an exciting festive drinking experience.A bang of fruity flavour that hits the taste-budsA refreshing blend of two fruit juices, infused with a sprinkling of edible glitter for those extra special get-togethers with friends and familyLow calorie - less than 20 calories per 100mlSuitable for vegetarians and vegansWe are passionate about great packaging, ensuring all our bottles and cans are 100% recyclable. As a Britvic owned brand, we are committed to doing right by the environment to help secure our planet’s future.Suitable for vegetarians and vegansFor more information visit www.j2o.co.uk or follow @J2O on Facebook and @drinkj2o on Instagram