Jelly Belly 3D Car Hanging Air Freshener Blueberry

Jelly Belly 3D Car Hanging Air Freshener Blueberry
Categories: Dairy, Yoghurts
Brand: Jelly+Belly
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Intense fruity blueberry 3D gel hanging jelly bean air freshener. Can be used in the car/ truck / home / office / Play areas.Long lasting fragrance. The Jelly Belly brand is one that has developed greatly over the last half century to become a recognised snack all over the World. The intense, fruity flavours in Jelly Belly jelly beans that were produced back in the 70’s allowed the company and product range to grow to become the World’s number one gourmet jelly bean.Endorsed by US Presidents (Ronald Reagan made Jelly Belly jelly beans a staple in the Oval Office, on Air Force One and in meetings with world leaders) and NASA (Jelly Belly jelly beans have even been in outer space!), Jelly Belly have always strived for perfection with their products, regardless of the cost for the ingredients used.Jelly Belly have kept this dedication to quality in their other products too. Taking the ingredients used in their jelly beans, they have been able to transfer the intensity of the tastes into scents for their in-car air fresheners.This oversized, 3D jelly bean is ‘Blueberry’ scented, providing a long lasting fragrance and can be placed in a vehicle, in the office and at home.