Jude's Lower Calorie Vegan Chocolate

Jude's Lower Calorie Vegan Chocolate
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Brand: Jude%27s
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Lower calorie: contains 30% less calorie than similar ice cream products.We’re Jude’s. A family ice cream company who love creating utterly delicious flavours. It all started with our dad mixing and churning in his barn. His creations were lip-smackingly good. So good he gave them our mum’s name, Jude. Today top chefs serve our ice cream and we’ve bagged over 50 Great Taste Awards.We’ve carefully crafted this lower calorie scoop to be rich, smooth and delicious. We hope you love it.Alex & ChowWith coconut milk, 340 calories per tub, Vegan friendlyWin a year’s supply of ice cream!Visit for more info www.judes.co.uk/win10% of profits go to charity