Kalles Kaviar Creamed Smoked Fish Roe Spread

Kalles Kaviar Creamed Smoked Fish Roe Spread
Categories: DairyCream
Brand: Abba+Seafood
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A delicate combination of salt and sweetness makes this creamed roe lovely on a sandwich, a cracker or even an egg. A Swedish classic since 1954! By keeping our delicious spreads in the fridge, you are never far away from the sea. The smart and hygienic tube package offers a convenient and fast way to make a snack as well as the product is easy to take along. The spreads are all-round and offer a wide range of application areas. The products are perfect on a sandwich in the children’s lunchboxes as well as a tasty ingredient of quickly made finger food. Use the spreads as the little extra flavour enhancers in various seafood dishes. Abba Seafood knows how to extract exciting taste experiences from the depths of the sea. The spreads are a part of our seafood delicacy range available in a new and accessible mode. The tube package makes it easy to choose our delicious spreads on an everyday basis as well as during more festive occasions!