Lily O'Brien's Desserts Collection

Lily O'Brien's Desserts Collection
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For those who always read the dessert menu first!Crème Brûlée - Sweet vanilla custard truffle on a layer of caramel, topped with white chocolate and a sprinkle of caramelised sugar Lemon Posset - Smooth & creamy lemon truffle in a dark chocolate cup with a sprinkle of crunchy meringue piecesBanoffee Pie - Chocolate & crispies with banana infused caramel in milk and white chocolate topped with toffee piecesHazelnut Torte - Scrumptious praline combined with caramelized hazelnut pieces in a sweet white chocolate cupKey Lime Pie - Zesty lemon curd topped with lime infused truffle smothered in dark chocolate with a droplet of white chocolateRaspberry Infusion - White chocolate truffle infused with raspberry, on a bed of raspberry truffle wrapped in rich dark chocolateLike most people my fondest childhood memories are sprinkled with sunny days, smiling faces and chocolate! But chocolate became an all-consuming passion in 1992 when I discovered the art of chocolate making. From the beginning it was all about amazing taste, delicious ingredients and creating mouth watering recipes to share with family and friends… and from there the seed of a business, Lily O’Brien’s, began to grow.Named after my daughter, Lily, the company creates chocolates that we can be proud of every day. It’s why we get up in the morning and why we dream of chocolate at night! We hope the proof is in the eating, so whether it’s your first taste of Lily O’Brien’s or your 100th we wish you oodles of pleasure and delicious moments of indulgence through this chocolate journey!We’re the real deal, For maximum taste and enjoyment 15-18°C, No artificial colours or flavours, These chocolates are suitable for vegetariansCREATED WITH PASSION.An irresistibly indulgent collection of milk, dark and white chocolates inspired by our favourite desserts.Having started my chocolate company in 1992 and named it after my then baby daughter Lily, how times have changed! From a bowl and a spoon in my own kitchen I have a team of chocolate enthusiasts working in our lovely factory in the heart of Coutry Kildare.One thing for sure though, without all of you chocolate lovers out there Lily O’Brien’s would not be the success that it is today. Every letter you have sent, comment you have made and box you have bought has helped me to develop the range of really delicious chocolates that we now produce.Like it or not, you have all become part of our development team and for that I must say thank you. Keep the letters coming!Mary-Ann.Vanilla Ice Cream & Toffee Crisp. French Almond Torte. Strawberry Pavlova. Crème Brûlée. Tiramisu. Lemon & Lime Parfait.