Lindt Teddy Milk Chocolate Mini Truffles Sharing Bag

Lindt Teddy Milk Chocolate Mini Truffles Sharing Bag
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Brand: Lindt
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Lindt Mini Milk Chocolates, Lindt Hazelnut Cream Mini Truffles, Lindt Double Milk Mini TrufflesLindt Teddy Truffles - An assortment of different flavours made with the finest Lindt milk chocolate. Bring the magic home with Teddy, the perfect treat for the loved ones or to mark special festive occasions! Made by Lindt Master Chocolatier with the finest ingredients, sourced from world-renowned growing regions.For 175 years, generations of our Master Chocolatiers have dedicated themselves to crafting the finest chocolates with the highest quality ingredients. Their dedication, passion and skills has led to the creation of a wide range of uncompromising chocolate masterpieces.Milk, hazelnut, double milkLindt & Spr√ľngli Cocoa Farming Program