Little Freddie Blueberry & Banana with Greek Yoghurt Organic Pouch, 6 mths+

Little Freddie Blueberry & Banana with Greek Yoghurt Organic Pouch, 6 mths+
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A smooth whole milk yoghurt, blended with bananas and blueberries. Perfect for a delicious breakfast, snack or dessert.Our Greek style yoghurt, made by a handful of family run farms in Somerset, adds a wonderful creaminess and subtle tang to this recipe. The best juicy wild blueberries and banana perfectly complement the yoghurt.Greek style yoghurt is a natural source of calcium. This pouch is made from ingredients high in vitamin C and is a source of fibre.Because we believe Exceptional ingredients taste better100% Organic baby food with nothing else added. Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.A delightfully creamy combination, unlike no other. Our multi award-winning Greek Style Yoghurt with its thick and creamy texture is made from calcium-rich, West Country whole milk which is recommended for babies due to its higher fat content. Our wild blueberries are grown naturally in the Canadian tundra and are renowned for their distinct flavour and uniqueness. The smaller size and lower water content means our blueberries contain double the antioxidant power of your standard supermarket blueberries. Mellow bananas compliment the luscious yoghurt to create a delicious healthy breakfast, snack or dessert. A source of fibre and calcium.All of our recipes are developed alongside our registered nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert to ensure they are as nutritionally complete as they are delicious.A source of fibre, calcium and vegetarian.We want to become a business that gives more than it takes.- We are the UK’s only carbon negative baby food brand.- Our packaging is 100% recyclable. Recycle your pouch & finger food packaging using our prepaid recycling bags. Simply search ‘Little Freddie Recycling Bag’.- We are leading the way by publishing our products’ climate footprint with CarbonCloud. This number shows how much CO2e is emitted when creating this product (from farm to shelf), helping you make an informed choice.“For a free recycling envelope so none of your pouches end up in landfill, email and unearth more handpicked flavours at