Little Moons Raspberry Mochi Ice Cream

Little Moons Raspberry Mochi Ice Cream
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Some ice creams can consists of up to 90% air, not ours. The higher density of our gelato means it’s not as soft straight out the freezer but results in a more intense flavour with patience.We grew up in our family bakery, surrounded by a passion for incredible food from around the world, so when we started Little Moons we wanted to bring that ethos to ice cream. With a mouthful of ice cream lovingly wrapped in soft mochi dough, each Little Moon is a little lift to elevate your day. We hope you love them.Viv + Howard, Founders292kJ, 70kcal Per Ball, 915kJ / 217kcal per 100g, Ripe and refreshing, Ice Cream Wrapped in Soft Rice Dough, Dietary Gluten Free, No Artificial Flavourings, Colours or Preservatives, Suitable for VegetariansDiscover our collection of flavours at