Loison Everyday Lemon Panettone

Loison Everyday Lemon Panettone
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Brand: Loison
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Naturally leavened product, with the typical high shape of panettone, and surface with a typical cross cut. The yellow dough is enriched with sultana raisin and candied lemon peels and lemon cream. Crafted to be enjoyed every day, the products of this line offer a simple way to sweeten your time at home. The high-quality ingredients are guaranteed by us at Loison and the subtle graphic design on the top of the box reflects the flavor variety of the product contained inside.A fire warms the heart and makes the dough rise. Our oven has been burning for three generations, keeping old baking traditions alive. There is a present, a past and a future that smells of vanilla and candied fruit. Our artisanal products become gifts that seduce the palate and capture the eyes. Our craft tells the story of our region, as it speaks to the world. This is Loison.If you are after quality, then you have to be continuously there during all the production processes. From the purchase of the finest ingredients, to the creation and manual packaging of the finished product, we follow the highest standards of certification. Over time, this strategic process has resulted in a quality product that makes us stand out in the world.Our starter dough is the result of the spontaneous fermentation of wheat flour, water, milk and fruit that were blended and set aside. This is where we get the slightly sour-smelling and tasting natural yeast that we use daily in our various products. The sourdough contains a high number of microorganisms, which multiply and stimulate optimal leavening. After 72 hours of patient work, the end product is naturally free of any pathogenic germs, so there is no need for preservatives. The sourdough contains about 100 billion saccharomyces and 2000 billion lactobacilli. These help reduce the sugar content in the dough as it is being kneaded by hand and while it bakes. The result is a soft spongy product that is highly digestible.Our ingredients are selected with care through diligent research. We pot for controlled designation or origin labels, preferably Italian, especially in the case of fresh ingredients. That is why we choose eggs from safe farms, milk and butter produced in the mountains, top-grade and natural Italian sugar. We want to ensure we are crafting a truly exclusive Italian product."