M&S Calamansi & Orange Flavour Fruit Jelly

M&S Calamansi & Orange Flavour Fruit Jelly
Categories: Dairy, Cream
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M&S Calamansi & Orange Flavour Fruit JellyM&S Food has been at the heart of the nation since 1884. Giving our customers their best-loved products at the incredible quality and value that only M&S can deliver. From Percy Pig to the freshest M&S Select Farms produce, we grow, source, and develop our own products to give you family-ready food that’s unbeatable on flavour and innovation. And that’s whether you come to us for your family favourites, an indulgent treat, or your perfect party food spread. After all, this is not just food… This is M&S FoodFilled with grapes, orange and pineapple, this calamansi and orange flavour jelly is delicious on its own or topped with whipped cream or ice cream. Serves 1.