Magnum Almond Ice Cream

Magnum Almond Ice Cream
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Brand: magnum
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Discover Magnum Almond ice cream: a velvety smooth vanilla ice cream wrapped in cracking Magnum chocolate and topped with crunchy roasted almonds - a unique kind of pleasure that connects you with your playful side. With an indulgent, rich flavour and quality ingredients, this frozen chocolate ice cream dessert will invite you to fully let go and savour layers of decadent pleasure with every bite. Excellence is achieved when you care about every detail. That’s why we select the most exclusive ingredients and expert hands to create every one of our products with passion and precision. We work closely with the Rainforest Alliance to make sure our products are made with ingredients that are responsibly sourced. Our cocoa beans have a long way to go before they become Magnum chocolate. It’s about quality and sustainability throughout every step of the journey. Since 1989, pleasure seekers around the world have been discovering Magnum Ice Cream. Magnum boasts a wide range of frozen desserts: from the delicious Magnum Classic and White Chocolate to the luxurious Magnum Double Raspberry and Double Gold Caramel Billionaire ice creams. Have you tried the other Magnum ranges? Indulge in a tasty snack with Magnum Mini ice cream. Looking for the perfect night-in companion? Treat yourself to a decadent Magnum ice cream tub. Finally, our velvety Magnum Vegan ice creams are the perfect indulgent vegan treat. Which of our ice lollies will satisfy your indulgence? Explore more Magnum frozen treats, free yourself, and be #TrueToPleasure.Magnum Almond ice cream: a velvety smooth vanilla ice cream covered in cracking Magnum milk chocolate and almond pieces, This ice cream with a chocolate coating is made from the highest quality ingredients by expert hands with passion and precision, Frozen ice lollies to be stored at -18°C, Made with the highest quality cocoa beans, this ice cream is certified by the Rainforest Alliance and will satisfy chocolate lovers, Magnum Almond ice cream is a gluten free chocolate ice cream dessert that contains nuts and is not suitable for those with nut allergies, Each pack contains 4 Magnum Almond ice cream sticksThe Magnum ice creams in this pack are now 250 calories or fewer, for more information go to