Maille Green Pepper French Mustard Pepper

Maille Green Pepper French Mustard Pepper
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Brand: Maille
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This is not just any mustard, this French mustard will become a staple in your kitchen to add flavour anywhere and in seconds! At Maille, we cut our seeds rather than crush, to ensure the smoothest possible texture, to this base we add green pepper, the mustard then develops the flavour on its own, making it ready for you to use a magic dollop of flavour here and there. Our top tip on this mustard is to simply use it as a base for a quick Thai curry by simply heating up with coconut cream. The mustard keeps the green pepper flavour fresh for you to use directly from the jar. This condiment also pairs well with any beef dish. Maille green pepper mustard makes seafood scrumptious and helps retain the moisture Be braver with flavour and experiment with Maille green pepper Mustard in your dishes. This mustard condiment will subtly enhance the flavours of food and is a key ingredient for anyone who enjoys playing with flavour in the kitchen and taking the quality of their meal to the next level. Flavour is made to be explored, after all. La Maison Maille is heir to an enduring legacy of 84 sublime mustards and 120 vinegars. Today, specialists continue to explore, select, and combine the finest ingredients, creating tastes and textures that result from centuries of expertise.Maille mustard is the French mustard of choice for chefs and is guaranteed to add a gourmet touch to your dish, Bring Asia to your kitchen with Maille green pepper mustard by simply replacing ground pepper, A couple of teaspoons of Maille green pepper mustard simmered with coconut cream is an easy and tasteful “go to” when time is limited without jeopardising flavour., This mild mustard will naturally intensify your dishes flavours whilst leaving a deep green pepper flavour as a spicy aftertaste., Marinate prawns with Maille green pepper mustard and grill them, you will never look back, making it your secret dinner party recipe that everyone will remember you for., Gluten free mustard