Manomasa Serrano Chilli & Yucatan Honey

Manomasa Serrano Chilli & Yucatan Honey
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Recipe No.48 The Hexano* with traditional Serrano Chilli and Mayan Yucatan Honey from the mountains of Puebla and a handful of Coriander and Green Lentils*The tortilla image shown is a visual representation and not actual size.Recipe No.48We’ll go to any lengths to create the perfect chip, this time from the Yucatan Peninsular where the most special honey blossoms to the heights of the Puebla mountains where the chilli peppers are like no other. The Deliciousness is all in the Detail.Shape: a Hexagon - the perfect six-sided scooper specially created for stacking on extra tasty toppings.Texture: the finest white corn masa, rested then gently Toasted for a light and crispy bite, finished with the moreish Crunch of green lentils.Taste: Mexico’s beloved Serrano Chilli brings a cheeky zing of heat that is perfectly rounded off by dark Mayan Yucatan Honey.Savour: crumble over some light, creamy Goats Cheese and finish off with a drizzle of spicy Harissa yoghurt.Tortillas with spirit, Gluten free, GMO free corn, Suitable for vegetariansFollow us on Instagram: @manomasaFind us on Facebook: Manomasa.Tortillas