Mr Organic Free From Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread

Mr Organic Free From Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Mr+Organic
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  • Organic & Natural - Palm Oil Free- Dairy Free- Gluten Free- Vegan & Vegetarian- Produced in Italy- Zero Air MilesIndulge yourself in the real taste of chocolate in a spread! With its perfectly creamy consistency, you can ooze our delicious Organic Dairy Free Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread into frozen yoghurt, spread thickly onto toast, or simply dig in with your spoon (we know we do!).Mr Organic’s Dairy Free Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread promises a deeper flavour and a genuine high-class quality. We blend rich cocoa with rice creamer and toasted hazelnuts grown in northern Lazio, Italy; a well-known region for cultivating the gentle ‘Nocciola Romana’. This gives our spread its sweet, nutty taste, to be enjoyed purely for your pleasure.Oil separation occurs naturally - just stir back in and enjoy!All Mr. Organic food is made with organically grown ingredients and love for our planet.A little more about us and our food:At Mr Organic we are positive about our food! We are always mindful of our ingredients and we work closely with our farmers and producers to provide sustainable, wholesome and delicious food that makes people healthy and happy!From store cupboard staples to specialty goods, Mr Organic is making it simple to choose a better, more wholesome way of living.Mr Organic… just yummy naked goodness, made with love for our planet!Organic, Zero Air Miles, Palm Oil and Gluten Free, Suitable for vegansWant to know more about what makes our food positive? Visit us at