Nakd Lunchies Strawberry Muffin

Nakd Lunchies Strawberry Muffin
Categories: Dairy, Yoghurts
Brand: Nakd
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Do your kids love strawberries and muffins? Then we have a scrumptious lunchbox snack for you. Our strawberry muffin snack bars are made from just fruits, oats and seeds but taste just like a strawberry muffin. Packed full of fruity flavour and made from 100% natural ingredients, these gluten free and vegan snack bars are the perfect addition to kids’ lunch boxes. Made with freeze dried strawberries, gluten free oats, seeds and dates these vegan kid snacks are sure to please.Introducing Nakd’s new Kids snacks! Yes, you heard that right, we have a new range of delicious fruit and nut bars especially for your little ones! What makes them so good? These kids snack bars are made from fruit, oats and seeds smooshed together. With 100% natural ingredients and no added sugar these vegan snack bars are perfect for kids’ lunchboxes! Better yet, these gluten free bars are also vegan friendly so they can be enjoyed by everyone.100% natural ingredients, No added sugar, Gluten Free, Vegan