Natoora British Comice Pears

Natoora British Comice Pears
Categories: CheeseBrie & Camembert
Brand: Natoora
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FLAVOUR IS A FRONTIERNatoora British Comice Pears- Pears have a notoriously short window of ripeness, none more so than the Comice variety. Never fully ripening on the tree, they must be picked and matured in storage.- Our Comice come straight from Kent, home to the National Fruit Collection.- They have silky, soft flesh and creamy texture, with a good amount of juice. Perfect eaten just as they are, or even better with creamy white rind cheeses like brie.Take it further- Thinly sliced, tossed with radicchio, gorgonzola dolce and roasted walnuts.- Baked into frangipane.Our packaging is plastic-free- We have developed our own revolutionary packaging which is entirely plastic-free and home disposable. Each of our recyclable cardboard punnets is flow-wrapped with home-compostable film which, unlike traditional plastic flow-wrap, disintegrates within 180 days. Dispose of the black punnet in your normal recycling and the clear film in your food waste bin.- Each punnet bears the ‘Plastic Free’ mark of A Plastic Planet, a grassroots movement which aims to turn off the plastic tap.Natoora’s radical approach to seasonal sourcing is shaping the future of food- We are revolutionising the food system.- We work direct with growers who value flavour, biodiversity and heritage over yield. - We give them the support they need to build a better future for food, rooted in small scale, sustainable agriculture that gives back to our planet.