Natoora British Watercress Tzatziki

Natoora British Watercress Tzatziki
Categories: Dairy, Yoghurts
Brand: Natoora
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FLAVOUR IS A FRONTIERNatoora British Watercress Tzatziki- All our sauces, dips and soups are made to order in our small Bermondsey kitchen, using the same ingredients we source for industry-leading chefs through our own supply chain. - In our Tzatziki, we combine Ed’s Watercress with dill, parsley, mint and spring onions with Belcari extra virgin olive oil and Koukakis Greek yoghurt. - Ed’s Watercress is grown on his family farm, Hairspring, in the Chalke Valley. With mineral-rich, natural spring water feeding the beds, this is the optimal environment for producing bright green stalks with complex flavours. - The standard of our raw ingredients takes ready made dips to a whole new level and introduces a level of transparency never before seen in prepared foods. We can track every single ingredient back to a single, known producer or grower. - We know exactly how the fresh produce is grown and how the dry ingredients are produced. - This traceable approach can have a dramatic impact on improving the way food is being farmed and supplied. Take it further- Use as a dip or serve with roasted vegetables, lamb, or added to a salad.Natoora’s radical approach to seasonal sourcing is shaping the future of food- We are revolutionising the food system. - We work direct with growers who value flavour, biodiversity and heritage over yield. - We give them the support they need to build a better future for food, rooted in small scale, sustainable agriculture that gives back to our planet.