NIVEA Cellular Elasticity Filler Night Cream Face Moisturiser

NIVEA Cellular Elasticity Filler Night Cream Face Moisturiser
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Brand: Nivea
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“With age, the facial skin loses its natural moisture and elasticity and it does not look as shaped as it used to. Younger-looking facial skin is a visible reflection of cellular activity deep within the skin tissue. The Cellular Elasticity Reshape Anti-Age Night Cream formula features a combination of the cell-activating* ingredients Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen Booster and Elastin Booster. Instantly and with regular use, this formula provides an intense anti-wrinkle effect. It improves elasticity and rebuilds the skin’s strength. The powerful actives activate skin cells' own production of hyaluron, collagen and elastin* and improve their strength by boosting their vital functions as cell production, regeneration, and barrier formation. The velvety, rich texture melts into the skin during sleep providing deep nourishment. Skin is regenerated overnight when it is at its most receptive. In the morning skin feels moisturised and comfortable.“Skin is deeply nourished, moisturised and feels comfortable when you wake-up in the morning, Skin feels lifted, reshaped and strengthened, Deep wrinkles are visibly reduced, Skin cells are activated to produce their own hyaluron, collagen and elastin* and their strength is improved