NIVEA Cellular Luminous 630 Anti-Dark Spot Night Cream Face Moisturiser

NIVEA Cellular Luminous 630 Anti-Dark Spot Night Cream Face Moisturiser
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Nivea
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Discover your luminous routine.Restored complexion night after night. At night: The formula with cell-activating Hyaluronic Acid regenerates and strengthens the skin. Overtime: patented luminous630® works to visibly reduce dark spots while you sleep.For revitalised skin and a more even, luminous complexion. Visible results in 4 weeks.A breakthrough innovationIt took NIVEA scientists 10 years of meticulous research and the screening of more than 50,000 ingredients to find: It works at a cellular level to reduce dark spots and helps to prevent their reappearance. Bye-bye dark spots… hello luminous skin. Gentle to the skin and recommended for all skin types. Also suitable for sensitive skin. LUMINOUS630® is effective on all skin tones. APPLICATION: Massage on face, neck and décolleté at night to cleansed skin. Apply products with LUMINOUS630® max. 4 times per day. Avoid direct eye contact.Dermatologically Approved.Patented LUMINOUS630® acts on existing pigmentation to visibly reduce dark spots over time in 3 dimensions; size, color intensity and amount, Recharges skin overnight and balances new melanin production to prevent the appearance of new dark spots, For fresh, even & revitalised skin, Effective on all skin tones, Dermatologically approved