Oatly Oat Drink Vanilla Long Life

Oatly Oat Drink Vanilla Long Life
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Brand: Oatly
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The Boring (But Very Important) SideIf this side bores you, please read no further. Flip the carton around have a wonderful day. Otherwise, please do enjoy.Choose your own favourite headline from the options below, none of which are officially approved or intended to describe the product inside this carton. they are only here to get your attention.Bigger! Badder! Better!Now with Added Value!Made with real stuff!Life Changing Experience in Every CartonFull of unique selling points!Makes You Much Cooler for Starters!Drink the Fountain of Youth!When we say Vanilla, we don’t mean boring. We mean anything but boring, even if it is vanilla. That’s because it has all the goodness of our oat drinks but tastes of vanilla. Oat power, fibre and with a hint of sustainability all hidden behind a vanilla exterior. Did we mention it’s vanilla? But, don’t take our word for it…actually, take our word for it. It’s great. Try it!Hey vegan, prevegan, non-vegan, have-no-idea-what-vegan-means oat drink lover. We made this for you.Wow no cow!, It’s Swedish, 100% cool for vegans, Free from Lactose, milk proteins and soya, Unsurprisingly contains oats, Enriched with vitamins and mineralsIt Takes Brains to be StupidWe must look extremely dumb sometimes. Little Oatly in the south of Sweden thinking we can help the food industry become more accountable for their actions. There’s probably a CEO or two looking down on us right now thinking - haha you idiots!That’s okay, we didn’t expect the establishment to be happy when we took our production chain and made it transparent for everyone on the internet. At oatly.com you can read not only about every ingredient that goes into our products but also where each ingredient comes from. That way you can see all our faults and follow each improvement we make. After all trust is earned through actions, not talk. However smart or stupid that sounds one thing is for sure. It’s so true.