Oatly Oatgurt Plain

Oatly Oatgurt Plain
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Brand: Oatly
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Even though this amazing stuff is used in the same way as Greek yogurt, it is far from Greek yogurt - theoretically, even further from the yogurt part than from the Greek part, since it is completely free of dairy. Of course all of this is really, really far off from what we are here to tell you, which is that Oatgurt Greek Style has a thick, smooth and creamy texture combined with a fresh and pleasantly sour flavour. Not to brag, but this is among the best* products we have ever created, if not the best product copy.Wow no cow!, It’s Swedish!, 100% cool for vegans, Free from Lactose, milk proteins and soya, Unsurprisingly contains oats, Enriched with vitamins and minerals, Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days, Climate footprint: 0.69 kg CO2e per kgPlease recycle this cup as paper cartonOr upcycle it into a party hat or a decorative tree omament or a house for a really small pet or something considerably more practical that this sentence was unfortunately unable to recommend.