Oatly Oatgurt Strawberry

Oatly Oatgurt Strawberry
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Strawberries and oats, both grown from the soil of the earth, together in ice cold community. This is a pairing so amazing, you might wonder why no one thought of it before. (Maybe someone in a distant galaxy did think of it before but our competitive analysis stops at the ozone layer of Earth.) Anyway, if you are reading this UK strawberry ice cream webpage from somewhere in the UK, you can be pretty sure that there are cartons of this product in close proximity to you at this very moment. Probably in a supermarket freezer or if you’re lucky, right in your own freezer if someone put it there when you weren’t looking (in a non-creepy way, maybe a family member or something). This stuff is wonderful when eaten with a spoon, but it can also be drunk in a melted way, if you are into that.WHAT’S AMAZINGBesides the obvious uniqueness that comes from being an ice cream made from oats, it may also be appropriate to note that there are real strawberries in this ice cream made from oats. At least 15% of this product is simple, lovely berries mashed up and mixed in so perfectly that if it was summer and you were in a field eating juicy red strawberries, you wouldn’t have to try this product because you would already know exactly what it tastes like.No synthetic flavours dressed up as strawberries or cream or pirates or whatever.The carton is made of PEFC certified paperboard from sustainable forests, and is totally recyclable (depending on your city, but come on, cities, let’s get with the program).WHAT MIGHT BE LESS AMAZINGAs you may imagine, it is not that easy to create an oat ice cream because there are certain properties in milk and cream that make dairy ice cream special. For example, we needed an alternative to milk and cream’s saturated fats, which are not found in oats. Unsaturated fats are usually great of course, but in an ice cream context they make the ice cream runny in a non-ice-creamy way. So we decided to use a plant-based fully-hydrogenated fat, which means that the unsaturated fat has been saturated. We have also mixed in a little stabiliser, which of course is a disadvantage if you prefer melted ice cream. In that case, maybe just skip the part where you freeze the ice cream (though we don’t officially recommend it).LAST BUT NOT LEASTIf you have strong feelings for this strawberry ice cream, we highly recommend our other equally amazing oat-based ice creams. Maybe try Chocolate Fudge. Yeah, that’s a good one.Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t like strawberries? That is a pretty pushy opening line really, because if you do not, in fact, like strawberries you are now probably feeling like this is the kind of paragraph where you have to pretend to like strawberries just to fit in, which isn’t true of course. Anyway, this product is creamy and delicious and you can enjoy it just like you would enjoy strawberry yogurt, except it is made from amazing oats grown from the soil of the earth that are thoughtful enough to skip the cow altogether.Wow no cow! It’s Swedish! 100%, Free from Lactose, milk proteins and soya, Unsurprisingly contains oats, Enriched with vitamins and minerals, Climate footprint: 0.62 kg CO2e per kg