Oatly Original Oat Drink Long Life

Oatly Original Oat Drink Long Life
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This is our oat drink in ambient packaging so that you can store it at room temp. It is a great go-to product for just about everything and is loaded with a nutritional balance (protein, carbs, fiber and healthy fat* in a nice amount of each) that would make other drinks exceptionally jealous but since it is made of oats and oats are incredibly humble, well then jealousy is not an issue. When should you use it? Whenever you would use old-school milk from cows-chilled in a glass, for cooking or baking-in exactly the same amounts.WHAT’S AMAZINGWhat’s not amazing? It’s a pretty optimal option for everyday use because it has been enriched with vitamins (D, riboflavin, B12) and calcium and includes 1.5% fat from rapeseed and oats. There is no added sugar whatsoever. Instead, we have made sure that the beta-glucans** in this one are strong and handsome and, as usual, great for your heart.WHAT MIGHT BE LESS AMAZINGAt first, there was text here that said that this particular product could actually be made organic and in our humble opinion that would make it better but if we did that, we wouldn’t be able to add calcium and vitamins and still label it organic (only milk manufacturers can do that because they get special treatment). But then Anna pointed out to me that we can’t write that because as a company we haven’t officially decided whether or not organic is better and that for now we want to give people the option to choose. I replied that in that case, I don’t have anything to write here and she said that I shouldn’t write anything because there is nothing to question whatsoever about this product. Of course she’s right, but then again she is always right. If you’d also like to ask Anna a question where you need the right answer you can contact her here.(And just to make sure that nobody thought that the writer is using his usual sarcastic tone to get even with Anna for cutting his favorite lines of copy, I can assure you that is not the case. Without Anna, the copy on this website would be much less relevant and you much more confused. And for that I personally thank you, Anna.)LAST BUT NOT LEASTDoesn’t contain milk or soy. Anna says it is just about perfect.* Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats in your daily diet contributes to maintaining a recommended cholesterol level.** Betaglucans are good for the heart. As a part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, they contribute to maintaining normal cholesterol levels in your blood. One 250 ml glass of Oatly provides a third (1 g) of the daily requirement of betaglucan.Hey vegan, prevegan, non-vegan, have-no-idea-what-vegan-means oat drink lover. We made this for you. Wow no cow!, No milk, No soyThe Boring (but Very Important) SideIf this side bores you, please read no further. Flip the carton around and have a wonderful day. Otherwise, please do enjoy.It’s the Official International OATLY Anthem!As you can see, there is no play button on this package so if you want to hear the anthem you are going to have to sing it yourself. We just turned up the volume, so let it rip.This is Toni, the CEO of Oatly. When Toni isn’t on CNN or the BBC explaining why oat drink is significantly more sustainable than cow’s milk, he might be home doing the dishes or somewhere else. In order to show our appreciation for his hard work, we’ve captured some of the greatest moments from Toni’s life and turned them into a set of on-package coloring sheets for you to enjoy.Collect them all! #toni4prez