Oppo Non-Dairy Very Almond Berry

Oppo Non-Dairy Very Almond Berry
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Brand: Oppo
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Finally, a lower calorie Raspberry and Almond ice cream that tastes amazing.Only 160 calories per half tubLower sugarMade with the finest Raspberries and Spanish roasted almondsMade with ingredients from natural sources.Healthy Food and Drink Award winnerVery AlmondBerry is the perfect blend of zingy raspberry and crunchy almonds blended with our all new creamy dairy almond ice cream. All at only 160 calories per half tub.Indulgent almond flavoured ice cream, flecked throughout with real crunchy almond flakes, is rippled with a delicious and vibrantly red raspberry swirl to create Very AlmondBerry. The raspberries are picked at the peak of their freshness, finely sieved and then concentrated to make a mouth-watering raspberry puree.Health and indulgence have always been opposites. At Oppo we’ve made it our mission to find a new way. We created decadent ice cream, but without loads of sugar and calories. It’s proof that being healthy doesn’t mean having to compromise on taste - we call it “temptation you never need to resist.“Contains fruit extracts and sweeteners from natural sources, No artificial colours or flavours, Suitable for vegetarians or vegans, Vegetarian Society approvedFollow us @OppoBrothers for healthy recipe inspiration, competitions and more.