PhD Nutrition Diet Plant Strawberries & Cream

PhD Nutrition Diet Plant Strawberries & Cream
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: PHD+Nutrition
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Fuelling Everyday PerformanceDiet Plant is a high protein, low calorie protein shake for targeting fat loss or maintaining a lean physique^1Diet Plant delivers 19g of quality protein from multiple plant based protein sources giving you a variety of proteins that release into the blood stream at different stages offering a drip feed effect of amino acids.Containing only 1.8g carbohydrates and less than 100 calories, it is macro-friendly & could fit into any nutrition plan.Diet Plant also delivers Flaxseed, CLA, L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract^1Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass.Low in Fat, Sugar & Salt, CLA, L-Carnitine & Green Tea Extract, 19g Protein, 93 Calories, 3.3g BCAA’s, Performance Nutrition, Vegetarian Society Approved - Vegan