Pieminister Wild Shroom Mushroom, Asparagus & Cream Pie

Pieminister Wild Shroom Mushroom, Asparagus & Cream Pie
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Pieminister
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Give Peas a Chance!A portobello and chestnut mushroom & asparagus pie in a creamy white wine sauce. Made with three different types of mushrooms and slowly cooked with asparagus in a rich white wine sauce, Wild Shroom is a popular vegetarian pie and approved by the Vegetarian SocietyPieminister have been making pies for over 15 years are renowned for leading the British pie revolution and creating a range of award-winning pies using the best tasting, ethically sourced ingredients - from classic recipes to gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan. Not satisfied with just leading the way in pie making, Pieminister have created sustainable, plastic-free packaging. Every element of the box can now be recycled, meaning you can make environmentally friendly choices while still enjoying the pies you know and loveTotally veggie!, Plastic Free!, Vegetarian Society ApprovedOur PlanetWe’ve removed the window from this pack, eliminating over 3 million pieces of film from the system every year. This makes recycling much easier - and when a pie looks this good, a photo will do just fine!This is one of the small steps we’re taking to drive positive changes at Pieminister Pieminister.co.uk/sustainabilityLearn more about our identity preserved palm oil, sourced from one of the world’s most sustainable, producers at pieminister.co.uk/sustainable-palm-oil1 VIPie TokenTokens Mean Prizes!Collect your VIPie tokens and cash them in for cool stuff. From limited edition t-shirts to meals in our restaurants and skateboards. There’s even a bell tent. Check out all the merch up for grabs at: pieminister.co.uk/tokens