Pots & Co Little Pots of 70% Chocolate

Pots & Co Little Pots of 70% Chocolate
Categories: Dairy, Cream
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Handmade with whipping cream and the finest cocoa, grown on our sustainable farm in Colombia.“It’s Where You Are From"Single-origin chocolate is like good wine: you get a consistently unique flavour. Ours, from Necoclí in Colombia, is zesty, slightly acidic and at its very best at 70%. That’s where the balance between sweet and bitter hits its peak. Vintage, you might say.Julian xGreat taste 2021, The Proof Is in Our Puddings, It makes all the difference, Gluten free, Nothing artificial, Suitable for vegetariansThis pudding supportsThe Chocolate DreamThe pioneering cocoa in this pud is reinvigorating communities back in Colombia. Discover the whole story over on our website.