Raw Gorilla Keto Mighty Muesli Choc Chip

Raw Gorilla Keto Mighty Muesli Choc Chip
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Brand: Raw+Gorilla
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10 Reasons to Love Me1. Wholefood ingredients, 100% organic, natural and wholesome for you & the planet2. I have run the extra mile- Vegan Society and Soil Association Organic certified to guarantee quality. 3. All kept raw with no processing or refining using slow dehydration, so all my naturalness is retained.4. I am sweet, but naturally so! Using ingredients known for their prebiotic & low or zero carbohydrate values.5. All my ingredients are free from gluten, grain, soy, oats, dairy & wheat. Great for those on a keto, paleo, or vegan diet & all those just wanting some healthy nosh.6. Nuts & seeds are activated by soaking and dehydrating, just like in nature seeds come alive with rain. 7. Look at what’s in me, I am not puffed up with cheap ingredients & empty nutrition. I am Protein rich & Fibre rich, and no whey Jose! 8. No added nasties. No preservatives, colourings, or artificial ingredients & no palm oil! (Please help protect our Orangutang cousins!) 9. All my packaging is fully recyclable, using post recycled board and vegetable dyes. Not just good for you, good for the planet too. 10. A percentage of sales from each box goes towards helping my mountain friends in the Congo and Rwanda…Oh and we taste delicious!What’s in Me…?All our nuts and seeds are activated, this means they take a bath and then a light sauna to perk up (soaked in water, and dehydrated at low temperatures). Raw cacao chips Chocolate lovers! Our 100% dark cacao chips are made from the beans of the cacao plant, native to south America. It is known as the food of the gods for a reason!Activated almonds Almonds become more crunchy & even sweeter once activated. A perfect combination with our raw cacao & coconut chips. Raw coconut chipsOur heavenly raw & organic coconut chips add a natural silk sweetness to our mighty muesli choc chip. Lucuma The Lucuma fruit resembles an orange avocado! It tastes like caramel & is versatile to use, with a lovely sweet flavour. It is often used in the andes to make ice cream!Pumpkin seedsProvide a rich earthy flavour and a source of fibre. You alright pumpkin? Chia seeds - a teeny tiny crunchy seed packed with goodness.Only naturally occurring proteins, no protein powders or fillers, and certainly no whey Jose!Raw, activated & delicious Be more gorilla ! Why?Because Gorillas have got it sorted. They’re happy, they’re healthy, and they’re in harmony with nature. So we take a leaf from our primal pals, we don’t mess with nature.Nature rules. Nature is balanced. Nature is delicious. Just like everything in this box.All our nuts & seeds are Activated. All our ingredients are Organic.Organic, Less than 6g net carbs per serve, No palm oil, Activated, No added sugar - contains naturally occurring sugars, Low carb, Gluten & grain free, Suitable for vegansFollow me into the digital jungle www.rawgorilla.co.ukAnd follow us Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @rawgorilla