Remeo Gelato Dessert Mascarpone with Raspberry & Biscuits

Remeo Gelato Dessert Mascarpone with Raspberry & Biscuits
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Remeo
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Mascarpone gelato with raspberry sauce and caramel biscuit pieces. The pleasure is greater with three. We’ve created a ménage à trois of decadent layers: delicate Mascarpone gelato is layered with raspberry sauce and topped with caramel biscuit pieces. Crafted in Italy with the highest quality ingredients, the pleasure is tripled.This is not an ice cream. It’s a Gelato dessert. Crafted in Italy with 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality, and the total absence of artificial additives. A quality Gelato always uplifts your mood, makes your taste buds happy and never makes your stomach cry. Remeo was born because we realised there was no such pleasure available in the UK. And we wanted to change that.This pleasure is all natural.0% Artificial, - 100% Natural, - 200% Italian Pleasure100% Natural Ingredients, Only natural ingredients, I’m Not a Virgin, BPA Free