Rude Health Bircher Muesli

Rude Health Bircher Muesli
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All Night Long, No LongerThe original muesli took all night to make. Dr Bircher chilled oats, nuts and fruit to make them deliciously soft and digestible. For those of us who aren’t as organised as Dr Bircher, we’ve created a muesli that goes smooth straight away, so you get all that Swiss deliciousness without having to have Swiss levels of organisation.How We Like ItInstant gratification - we love it with milk, eaten straight away.Instant grate-ification - grate on some apple for an extra traditional twist.We started mixing the Ultimate Muesli at our breakfast table in 2005. Today, it’s a bigger table, but our approach to food and drink is the same.A Life Lived in Rude Health. Tuck in.The Perfect Pairing Coconut Drink splashed over these oats is instant sunshine in a bowl.Plant-Based, High Fibre, Wholegrain, The Traditional Swiss Muesli, In an Instant, Brilliant ingredients, Nothing artificial, Soft in Seconds, Vegetarian Society Approved - Vegan, Kosher - KLBDYou’re in rude health when…You look great in Lederhosen. You yodel. You fall in love with lonely goatherds.