Rude Health Oat Barista

Rude Health Oat Barista
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A life lived in rude health. Tuck in.You’re in rude health when… you’re still pumped from tamping. You regularly polish your steam wand. You’re wired on life - and three espressos.These oats were made for coffeeWe take Organic oats and blend them with spring water, a drop of sunflower oil and a touch of sea salt to create the best Organic Barista Oat drink on the block. Just four simple ingredients, That’s it. Coffee, meet your match.We started mixing the Ultimate Muesli at our breakfast table in 2005. Today, it’s a bigger table, but our approach to food and drink is the same.Organic, Contains natural sugars from oats, Brilliant ingredients, Nothing artificial or refined, Great taste 2020, Vegetarian Society Approved - Vegan, Kosher - KLBD