Rude Health Organic Puffed Wheat

Rude Health Organic Puffed Wheat
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If it was any simpler, it would still be in a fieldWe’ve done as little as possible to this cereal, because we didn’t need to. It’s grown organically and harvested by farmers (we can’t take credit for that bit), then we blow some hot air through it to make it into the lightest, simplest and toastiest thing you can put in a bowl.The most civilised grainHistorians tell us that wheat is the reason people stopped being nomadic hunters, settled down and eventually opened breakfast-cereal-based hipster cafes. Thanks, wheat!We started mixing the Ultimate Muesli at our breakfast table in 2005. Today, it’s a bigger table, but our approach to food and drink is the same.Brilliant ingredients.Nothing artificial.Nothing refined.A life lived in rude health. Tuck in.Rude Health Puffed OatsPuff it upMix with Puffed Oats to float yourself all the way to Cloud Ten, the level above Cloud Nine.Organic wheat. Puffed to perfection, Light & toasty, High fibre, 100% wheat. That’ it, Suitable for vegans, Vegetarian Society approved, Kosher - KLBDYou’re in rude health when…You do the hokey cokey.You beach comb. You’ve always got snacks in your bag.You’ll find temptations of many kinds at us at Rude HealthFacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram