Rude Health Turmeric Latte

Rude Health Turmeric Latte
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Brand: Rude+Health
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More yellow. Less mellow.This latte gets its amazing colour from turmeric, and it comes with a little zing thanks to the ginger, cinnamon and pinch of black pepper that we add. The pepper is important because it awakens all the good stuff that turmeric has to offer.We started mixing the Ultimate Muesli at our breakfast table in 2005. Today, it’s a bigger table, but our approach to food and drink is the same.Dairy free, Gluten free, Heat & drink, Brilliant ingredients, Nothing artificial, Nothing refined, Vegetarian Society Approved, Suitable for vegans, Kosher - KLBDA life lived in rude health. Tuck in.You’re in rude health when… you have the wind in your hair and kale in your teeth. You catnap. You protest on the streets, not on Twitter.You’ll find temptation in many forms at /recipes