Rude Health Unsweetened Tiger Nut Drink

Rude Health Unsweetened Tiger Nut Drink
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Made with only 4 natural ingredients: Spring water, Organic rice, Organic tiger nuts (6%), Sea salt.Taste & Texture. Creamy with a hint of sweetness. Tiger nuts aren’t actually nuts, but they do have a slightly nutty flavour. They are tubers and grow underground, and have nothing to do with tigers.Whether you pour our Tiger Nut Drink on cereal or straight into a glass, we know that texture is as important as taste. That’s why we use rice, which brings a satisfying creaminess and natural sweetness that perfectly balances the rich flavour of our finest tiger nuts.How We Like It: This drink can be enjoyed on its own, hot or cold, or used in other dishes…Drink it neat:Glug straight from the carton.Breakfast of champions:Perfect in porridge, muesli, smoothies, granolas and cereal.Hot drinks:Hot chocolate and coffee. Try hot with cinnamon for a Mexican Horchata.Excellent in cooking:Put a unique twist on pancakes and waffles.Cocktails & Mocktails:Tiger Nut Espresso Martini. Worth staying up for.The possibilities are endless.Dairy Free. Flavour Full. No Compromise.At Rude Health we believe that healthy doesn’t have to be bland. Free from dairy doesn’t mean free from flavour. Our ingredients are sourced from nature. We believe that the crème de la crop of ingredients make the best tasting food and drinks. Oats so simple. Coconuts so creamy. Almonds so delicious. Tuck in.Organic, Rich in flavour, Made with 4 natural ingredients, Dairy & gluten-free, No artificial ingredients, No gums or stabilisers, No refined sugars, Vegetarian Society approved, Suitable for vegans, Kosher - KLBDMore recipe inspiration