Skinnies Kids SPF 50 Sunscreen Sungel Vegan

Skinnies Kids SPF 50 Sunscreen Sungel Vegan
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Brand: Skinnies
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  • We all know kids hate slapping on sun cream! It’s white, greasy & stings their eyes. NOT ANYMORE, introducing Skinnies which has changed the way kids can enjoy the sunshine forever with its range of waterless sungels. - Skinnies is Vegan friendly and made with biodegradable ingredients.- Skinnies is perfect for busy parents and active kids because a pea size blob is all you need for their face, neck and ears. - Skinnies is a sunscreen revolution for all skin types. Normal sunscreens are made using 50-70% water. Skinnies is made using 0% water so its like a concentrate and forms an instant clear layer that stays on the top of your skin for long-lasting UV broad spectrum protection, and because its not diluted with water the product requires less for the same function. Plus its better for the environment as were not wasting water. - Suitable for babies and kids (from 3 months old), with long lasting UVA and UVB SPF50+ broad spectrum protection and 2 hours water resistance. - A tube of Skinnies 100ml is the same as a massive 500ml bottle of typical sunscreen, so it is long lasting - a little goes a long way!Contains Coconut Oil and Aloe Extract for soothing skin. NO parabens, NO preservatives, NO fragrances, NO alcohol, NO PEG, NO emulsifiers, suitable for pregnant women and babies.- Do less, shine more is what Skinnies way of life is all about. New Zealand made and leading the way in niche sun creams, Skinnies philosophy is to embrace the sunshine, as sunshine is correlated with happiness, positivity and healthiness.