Skinnies Looks Tinted SPF 30 Light BB Cream, Vegan

Skinnies Looks Tinted SPF 30 Light BB Cream, Vegan
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Brand: Skinnies
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Skinnies LOOKS is a sun cream revolution and beauty gel combined. Normal sunscreens are made using 50-70% water. Skinnies is made using 0% water so its like a concentrate and forms an instant clear layer that stays on the top of your skin for long-lasting UV broad spectrum protection, and because its not diluted with water the product requires less for the same function. Plus it is better for the environment as we are not wasting water. Features & BenefitsSkinnies is Vegan friendly and made with biodegradable ingredients.As a supercharged BB cream with 4 things in 1 for your face in the sun, Skinnies LOOKS protects, tints, repairs and moisturises. With long lasting SPF30 UVA/UVB protection, plus 80 minutes water resistance, this is your everyday go-to for healthy skin and that summer glow. Lipid soluble vitamins and potent antioxidants help nourish the skin and cell repair, while the soft shimmer and warm tint evens up your skin, so you look good as gold. Available in Light, Medium or Dark tint for different skin tones. Light tint for porcelain and fair skin tones, Medium tint for fair to light olive skin tones, and Dark tint for a summer glow & tan. Suitable to rub over legs and arms (as well as face) for instant tan and coverage with UV protection. NO parabens, NO preservatives, NO fragrances, NO alcohol, NO PEG, NO emulsifiers, suitable for pregnant women and babies.Application TipsUse a pea size blob for your face, neck and ears. Rub in thoroughly and sparingly 2 minutes prior to sun and again after swimming or towel drying.Do less, shine more is what Skinnies way of life is all about. New Zealand made and leading the way in niche sun creams, Skinnies philosophy is to embrace the sunshine, as sunshine is correlated with happiness, positivity and healthiness.