Solero Red Berries Ice Cream

Solero Red Berries Ice Cream
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Solero
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Love fruit, Love the planet. Our Solero Red Berries ice cream is a fruit-lover’s dream. A refreshing combination of strawberry ice cream swirled and wrapped with a tangy raspberry sorbet. This delicious treat contains 99 calories and no artificial colours or flavours. Our Solero Red Berries lolly can be enjoyed as part of a gluten-free diet. Get that fruity feeling with Solero, a fruit lover’s dream. At Solero, we love fruit and the planet, so we make sure that every single Solero Exotic ice lolly is made with delicious fruit that comes from sustainable farms that do their work with love, to respect and help protect our planet. Solero is part of the Wall’s ice cream family which also includes the Cornetto cones, Feast ice cream, Calippo and Twister ice lollies. When you are looking for a fruity tasting treat, or refreshing dessert, nothing can beat a refreshing Solero. They are cool, they are delicious and best of all - they are under 100 calories each. A great way to cool down during a hot summer day. If you like Solero Red Berries, why not try Solero Exotic? Make sure to try our Solero ice lolly sticks today to experience the great fruity taste for yourself.Vanilla ice cream with a swirl and coating of raspberry sorbet. A delicious combination of strawberry ice cream with a tangy raspberry fruit sorbet swirl and coating, Made with delicious fruit from our sustainable fruit farms, Containing 99 calories per ice cream, Our Solero Red Berries ice creams are a fruit lover’s dream, Delicious fruity taste with no artificial colours or flavours, Gluten