The Carved Angel Double Chocolate and Cherry Christmas Pudding

The Carved Angel Double Chocolate and Cherry Christmas Pudding
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What a stunner! This wonderful chocolatey, moist, moorish pudding combined with rich, dark and white chocolate pieces, cherries and Kirsch will have you reeling with delight. Absolutely delicious with clotted cream and a divine alternative to the traditional Christmas dessert table. You’ll want to keep it all to yourself! The Carved Angel began life in Dartmouth Devon as a restaurant in a glass fronted, three storey Tudor building where the open kitchen brought to the table the most exquisite and memorable food produced from fresh local ingredients.The highly talented Chef /Patron Joyce Molyneux named the restaurant after a wooden carving of an angel that was presented to her as a gift by a local carpenter before first opening. The statue sat proudly in the centre of the dining room until its doors closed in 2005. During the winter months, whilst the town was quiet, Joyce took advantage of the time of year to steam her Christmas Puddings made to a recipe created by the Victorian Chef Eliza Acton. Soon the success of these deliciously moist puddings spread far and wide and became the inspiration for a greater selection of gorgeous puddings and wonderful condiments created and mixed with the same high level of expertise and care using the best ingredients to ensure every mouthful is an absolute joy!