The Coconut Collaborative Chocolate & Cream Dairy Free Dessert

The Coconut Collaborative Chocolate & Cream Dairy Free Dessert
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Coconut+Collab
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Light as a feather and shamelessly creamy, our Chocolate and Cre&m puds are deliciously delicate. Plus, they’re gluten free, dairy and only 139 calories per pot. Heaven!Can We Tempt You with Our Natural Coconut Yog?Thick and creamy, made with live bacteria and no added sugar, you can find it in the chilled aisle.Dessert Island ParadiseYou can create all sorts of spectacular dishes with our yogs and puds, from brilliant breakfasts to seriously delicious dinners.Plant Based, Palm Oil Free, Free from Dairy, but Not Temptation, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, We Plant Trees, Only 139 Calories, Suitable for vegansWe’re a small British company of coconut lovers on a mission to create yogs and puds so thick, creamy and delicious that you wouldn’t believe they are made from the humble plant.We only use the freshest coconuts available, farmed ethically, and turn them into puds without any shortcuts or nasties, for you to enjoy.