The Collective Kids Banana Suckies Yoghurt Multipack

The Collective Kids Banana Suckies Yoghurt Multipack
Categories: Dairy, Milk
Brand: The+Collective+Dairy
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Good for growth!**Protein is needed for normal growth and development of bone in children (when consumed as part of a varied and healthy diet)Take me home!, Perfect for lunch boxes, No nasties in here, British Milk, British whole milk yoghurt & real fruit, Sugars from milk ’n’ fruit, Source of protein, Pack’d full of live cultures, Eat on the move, Suitable for Vegetarians & Gluten FreeHello friends, I’m Alfie! Welcome to my games den. I’ve been practicing my counting but I’ve got in a muddle. Can you help me match the footballs to the right number?Uh oh! My football is stuck in the banana maze!Can you help me get it out?Finished? Wow, that was speedy.Thank you for your help!Check underneath for answers…No peeking before you’ve finished!winkThere’s more fun on the pouch for you and your friends!