The Innocent Hound Birthday Cake Mix (Grain Free)

The Innocent Hound Birthday Cake Mix (Grain Free)
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Brand: The+Innocent+Hound
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An easy-to-make, grain-free, meaty cake mix - just add eggs and water.Celebrate your innocent hound’s birthday with a delicious grain-free meaty cake! Simply combine the contents of the 2 sachets with 2 eggs and water, pour into a cake tin or cupcake cases, and bake! Decorate with your hound’s favourite toppings such as cream cheese or peanut butter (xylitol free).Features & Benefits Grain freeBritish DuckGreat fun for all of the familyMade in BritainFinished cakes suitable for freezingFeeding Guide Suitable for adult dogs, 12 months+.1. Set oven to 190 degC / 170 deg (fan), gas mark 52. Grease and line 6"" tin, or prepare cupcake cases3. Empty both pouches into a bowl4. Add 2 eggs & 40ml water, mix well5. Transfer mix to tin6. Bake for 20-25mins7. Hounds only: time to lick the bowl clean!8. Leave to cool before decorating and servingFeed up to 1 cupcake per day (or equivalent) as part of a balanced diet.Store in a cool, dry place.