Tommee Tippee Nipple Cream, 40ml

Tommee Tippee Nipple Cream, 40ml
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Tommee+Tippee
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The tommee tippee made for me range helps support mums’ commitment to their baby and invites them to treat themselves like the true wonder they are by making breastfeeding a little smoother and more comfortable. the closeness and connection of breastfeeding should be a magical experience, but the reality is sometimes an uncomfortable challenge. this nipple cream naturally soothes nipples by locking in moisture to help them stay soft and supple before, during and after breastfeeding. It is 100% natural, pure and hypoallergenic and uses just 3 natural ingredients - avocado oil, beeswax and shea butter. mum can use this nipple cream to prepare for breastfeeding from her third trimester and continue to use it immediately after birth. with clean hands apply a pea sized amount to the entire nipple area. before baby is born, use it once or twice a day. after baby is born and during breastfeeding, apply after feeding or whenever needed.How to useFor instant soothing and long-lasting protection, apply a small amount of cream to the whole of your nipple area after feeding. Apply as often as necessary.Important instructions are included inside. Please read and retain for future reference.Before first use, we recommend applying one drop of the product in the elbow crease to any skin reaction.Please retain our address for future reference.